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29 July 1991
Uppsala, Sweden
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avatar, basketball, bloc party, bob dylan, chronicles of narnia, curse of monkey island, desperate housewives, disney, donnie darko, ed westwick, elvis presley, emma watson, eureka, family guy, glee, gossip girl, harry potter, himym, house, jackson 5, jake gyllenhaal, johnny cash, johnny depp, jrock, lost, merlin, mgmt, michael jackson, mitsuru adachi, miyavi, muse, never mind the buzzcocks, one tree hill, peter pan, pirates of the caribbean, prison break, psych, raybans, robert pattinson, robin hood, rocky horror picture show, rupert grint, scarfs, scrubs, simon amstell, sirius black, skins, soccer, supernatural, the beatles, the jacksons, the marauders, the office, the simpsons, the white stripes, this is it, tights, titanic, toy story, true blood, twilight, vintage hats, volleyball, whistles
 Anna. 19. Swedish. loves michael jackson. the white stripes. avatar. psych. miyavi.pocahontas. muse. gossip girl. the beatles. rupert grint. robert downey jr. johnny depp. vintage hats. disney. volleyball. soccer. basketball. scarfs. hans zimmer. tights. whistles. simon amstell. titanic. josh gordon-levitt. disney. curse of monkey island. sam worthington. jackson 5. glee. 80's. supernatural. eureka. desperate housewives. how to train your dragon. the office. mitsuru adachi. jrock. 10 things i hate about you. peter pan. harry potter. lost. how i met your mother. |the rocky horror picture show|. robin hood. prison break. skins. MGMT. bob dylan. scrubs. family guy. the simpsons. house. never mind the buzzcocks. chronicles of narnia. the marauders. pirates of the caribbean. johnny cash. elvis presley. bloc party. merlin. true blood. jake gyllenhaal. donnie darko. emma watson. ed westwick. raybans. jazz 'unbiological twin' mcnutly. ♪♫

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